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Crop Pest Diagnosis

Based on CABI’s award-winning Plantwise programme we have brought together our expertise in plant health and diseases to create a self-study course in Crop Pest Diagnosis.

This course is designed to support teachers and trainers in agricultural education institutions and in the workplace. It provides interactive exercises and resources to help users improve their ability to recognise symptoms and identify causes.

The course guides learners through initially identifying symptoms and moves onto the causes of those symptoms both biotic and abiotic problems, whilst providing a methodology for field-based diagnosis.

There are 5 modules approximately lasting 30 minutes each.

PestSmart eLearning Module 1 screenshot Module 1. Symptoms:

The symptoms that plants express when they are in some sort of distress

PestSmart eLearning Module 2 Module 2. Insects and mites:

Common groups of insect pests that attack plants

PestSmart eLearning Module 3 Module 3. Causes:

The association of symptoms and causes

PestSmart eLearning Module 4 Module 4. Plant nutrition:

The symptoms plants show when short of a particular nutrient

PestSmart Module 5 questions Module 5. Diagnostics:

Requires students to draw on their newly acquired skills as they are guided into making appropriate diagnoses

Diagnostic Simulator App

The Diagnostic Simulator is a free interactive tool to test student learning on plant diagnosis. Highly realistic graphics give the learner the opportunity to zoom in on symptoms, turn the plant around, cut the plant open and look inside the plant.

Users are asked to name the symptoms (and are scored on their symptom recognition) and then to make a diagnosis (also scored on the quality of their diagnosis). The app is available for Android devices only, through the Google Play store.

PestSmart app